A Rainy Thursday Night Can't Stop This Sunshine State Band

By : Kevin Miller 


Just shortly after the high of 70 and sunny tease we experienced this week on the east cost, the brisk air and rain was not enough to deter the Philadelphia crowd from showing strong and Capstan did not fail on reciprocating that energy. Driven by passionate lyrics, and catchy melodies this Progressive Pop-punk band should be one that gets on your radar and quickly (if they are'nt already.) This band after seeing and hearing what they had to say last night, just gets it. Driving into the fans who cam out to support their "first show" in Philadelphia, to continue to support their local music scene. Not many venues get it right and not many local scenes have as many talented bands as the Philadelphia/NYC area.

Started in Orlando in 2012 this band has quickly started to make a name for itself in the music scene. First hearing them myself on awesome spotify playlists (suggested through Movements of course) I was instantly drawn in by their emotional lyrics, intricate guitar riffs and the driving force that is their rhythm section. Recently they have put out a new album in Janurary, In The Wake Of Our Discord. This record in my opinion has shown the progression of the band and has fine tuned everything they are doing. I cannot stress enough to NOT sleep on this band.

Check out their new album HERE!