Review By: Kevin Miller  |  Photos By: Brenda Gomes


This review didn’t know it but it all started about four years ago when I was in route to Brooklyn, NY. Hyped because I was on my way to see The Story So Far and Tonight Alive. In a rush I wanted to get to the doors on time because even though I did not know who the openers were, going to shows to discover new music will always be a part of who I am. Anxious more than anything else to see Jenna McDougal hit the stage… The feedback kicked in, my eyes hit the stage and from there it was history. I became an instant fan of Citizen. Roped in by their energy and catchy melodies, I was doomed from the start.

That being said, I’m going to be honest with this post. Many who know me know that I wear my Citizen sweatshirt way too much so this review may come off a biased but I am going to do anything to prove that wrong. I have been waiting for this album for just about two years now ever since the release of “Everybody Is Going to Heaven.” That album to me was a BIG disappointment. Not all songs were bad, such as “Silo” but I felt that with that album the band went way to far left… Kind of like Brand New after The Devil and God. It got to the point where listening through the album a number of times, the bands identity began to become lost. I still to this day listen to, Youth (2013) on repeat.

I went into this release of, As You Please, with an open mind and most importantly hopeful. Hopeful that the identity of the band and the driving hard edgy songs with hooky melodies we grew use to from their album, YOUTH, will once again come to fruition. As the singles got released one by one my hopes just grew higher and higher.

Jet instantly had me hooked but I was not sold. It showed me that this album looked like it was heading the direction I selfishly wanted. Then the release of “In The Middle Of It All” sealed the deal. The more and more I dove into this album the maturity of the “Youth” sound came more and more evident. They have come a long way and this album is close second to AOTY for me. I can bore you all with a long review but I am not going to. If you hit the snooze button on the last album like I did, do yourself a favor and wake up… because AS YOU PLEASE is a BANGER!

Check out all the live shots Brenda Gomes captured at their show in Toronto HERE and if you are in the area for any of their remaining tour dates… get to a show! I know I will be there when I can.