Counterparts ROCKS Philly...

By: Kevin Miller

Friday night reeled itself in and the buzz in this city was still lingering through the air. The city of brotherly love won a Super Bowl and their fans still showed up wearing their jerseys to this show, but on this night in the spotlight was not Nick Foles... it was Hamilton, Ontario's very own COUNTERPARTS. 

Highly anticipating this show after playing a sold out TLA myself weeks prior, I was anxious to see the venue in a different light but also anxious to see how this scene represented. Never being to a hardcore show in Philadelphia I was hoping to see pits from left to right from front to back just like back when I saw Counterparts take on the lab stage at Gamechanger World, and Philly did not disappoint.

Enough with my anticipation though and onto the band who brought me to TLA that night. Counterparts put on one hell of a show bringing the high energy level straight from the get go. With melodies traveling through the are each word echoing behind me as the crowd sang back with everything they had. They set the bar high for the whole entire night. Playing some oldies and some new songs off their most recent release, You're Not You Anymore, the pieced together a perfect blend of songs for those who have been following the band from the early days. 10/10 if Counterparts makes it to you're neck of the woods be sure to grab yourself a ticket.