Made In America Tour in Toronto: A Whole Lot of Fun

by: Brenda Gomes

The Made In America tour package, featuring Sleep On It, Chapel, As It Is, and Waterparks, made a stop at Toronto’s Phoenix Concert Theatre November 26th, bringing with them a night of incredible fun.

Sleep On It started the night off with an an energetic set. They played songs off their latest album Overexposed and featured guest vocals courtesy of As It Is frontman Patty Walters for a song. They kept the crowd engaged and even played a short, impromptu cover of “Wonderwall” when a fan suggested it, beginning the night on a light and funny note.

Chapel were up next with Kortney Grinwis behind the drums and Carter Hardin dancing across the stage as he covered guitar and vocal duties. Much of the setlist was comprised of songs off their brand new EP Sunday Brunch, and Radiohead’s “Creep” was covered in the duo’s hard hitting, pop style. The crowd kept up with the high energy set, dancing the whole time.

Patty Walters and company in As It Is took to the stage next to keep the energy going. The band played songs spanning their discography, including their latest offering okay. to keep the crowd up off their feet. Returning the favour from earlier in the night, to help sing “Cheap Shots”, Zech Pluister of Sleep On It was also brought on. It was the super high energy the band is known for as Walters never stopped moving or swinging his mic around.

Up next was Waterparks to continue the fun and close out the night. The band played songs off their previous LP and EPs, and even included a new song, “Blonde”, off of their forthcoming album Entertainment. Commanding the room, the band got the crowd moving with their high energy performance and proved to be good sports with guitarist Geoff Wigington wearing a feather boa that was thrown onstage. Fans demanded an encore when the set was through, and had their demand met as vocalist Awsten Knight came back out to play the first song and half of the four song encore acoustically.

Overall, the show was nothing short of fun as each band kept the energy going and the crowd entertained. Catch one of the last few dates of this tour as it rolls through your city!