Milk Teeth & Single Mothers Fire Up the Crowd

By: Kevin Miller 

For me, going to a venue to shoot a show for bands you haven't quite gotten to know yet is one of the best things. The only thing better is going to a brand new venue while doing so. The House Of Independents in Asbury Park, NJ was our venue last night. Opening in November of 2015 the venue is quickly making its mark in the New Jersey music scene as one of the premier venues for national tours to hit. 


Kicking the night of was British Rock band, Milk Teeth. For the first time ever in my 28 years I said to myself at a show - "Man, I am at a PUNK ROCK show."  From the first strum of the guitar the energy level was high, drawing the crowd in from upstairs to front and center. As the set went on the crowd grew more and more captivated by the female fronted four piece. 

I tried to put my finger on it for the longest time and then it hit me. I was back in the '90s grunge days, and I could not be happier. With their own unique style, this band is for fans of early No Doubt. Though currently I am poor once that next check comes you can guarantee I will be a proud owner of some Milk Teeth Vinyl. 


Next up was London, Canada's... that is right Canada (don't confuse it just because they're on tour with British bands, eh?)  Single Mothersswaggered out on to stage second and they did not disappoint. Keeping the high energy of the night. With amazing stage presence that was enough to exhaust you just from watching they continuously kept the crowd into the night as more and more people filed in. 

This band had the rock star look and swagger while having such a unique sound. I could not put my finger on it but I concluded to think of this band as a punk rock meets MEWITHOUTYOU hybrid adding unique vocal arrangements over high energy music. They were a perfect segway from the opener to the nights headliner, Enter Shikari.

The lights went off and the countdown started. Sounds of airplanes and other miscellaneous things lurked over the crowd as everyone waited patiently wondering when Enter Shikari would hit the stage. Super anxious to shoot this band from the UK the lights turned on and the place went nuts. Every word echoed from stage to the crowd, what everyone was there for took over the attention of the substantial sized Thursday night crowd. Playing new fan favorites from their most recent album release like "Live Outside" and "The Sights" to throwbacks from a decade ago like "Sorry You're Not a Winner" just put the ultimate stamp on a tremendous rock show.