Review & Photos By: Kevin Miller 


Driving down to the Jersey Shore to shoot this band I grew more and more excited as I approached the venue. The cold ocean breeze coming from directly across the street, sounds of Bruce rolling through my head, knowing all the legends that have come through or started in Asbury Park, NJ. It was a great night but even better place to discover new music! 

In this case, The Accidentals. Hailing from Traverse City, Michigan - this band introduced me to something BRAND NEW. I have been to tons of shows but I have never heard a band quite like them. Showing extraordinary musicianship switching off of several different instruments Katie Larson, Savannah Buist showcased their versatility as musicians straight from the start while drummer, Michael Dause, kept the beats that had the crowds heads bobbing.

Showing their Indie Folk side with their story telling ability lyrically, and their catchy melodies, to me... the sky is the limit for this band. It is inevitable that you will start to see them on major festivals because that is exactly where they belong. They embody what music festivals are all about and to anyone who discovers them moving forward I am sure will feel the same way. Below take a listen to their song, "Earthbound".