Stay Warm Toronto: Keeping it Cozy with Silverstein

This past Thursday, Silverstein brought the Get Free Tour home for the third edition of Stay Warm Toronto. Tonight Alive had to unfortunately drop off the show a couple of days prior to allow Jenna to recover from illness, so Silverstein filled in, playing not one but TWO full sets.

Picturesque started the night off, bringing plenty of energy to the room along with frontman Kyle Hollis’ impressive vocals. To keep the momentum going, Broadside hit the stage next. The band definitely brought the fun, wearing bootleg Silverstein merch featuring old photos of each member while Ollie Baxter danced around. Next up were Mississauga, Ontario’s own Selfish Things. The band held their own with an awesome set, playing songs off of their soon to be released EP “Vertical Love”.

Finally, it was time for Silverstein to hit the stage. Their first set was straight from the Get Free Tour, featuring many of their greatest hits and plenty of songs off of 2017’s “Dead Reflection”. Silverstein have had a long career, and it shows with their stage presence and chemistry. Shane Told kept the crowd engaged from the risers on stage while guitarists Paul Marc Rousseau and Josh Bradford joked around as they played, never missing a note. The second of their two sets however, was what the crowd was waiting for. The band played their 2005 album “Discovering the Waterfront” in full. Nearly thirteen years since its release and the band still played the songs flawlessly as the crowd shouted back each word. Fellow Torontonian Jordan Black of Like Pacific also lended his vocals for a song, making for a night full of hometown pride.

Be sure to catch Silverstein, Broadside, and Picturesque in your city as the Get Free Tour rages on!



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