"Bad Frequencies" is Pure Bliss

Photos & Review by Kevin Miller


I had the luxury of heading down to Asbury Park on Wednesday night. Nostalgia kicked in right away.  A band that shaped my high school years, Hawthorne Heights, was about to play the Wonder Bar. I was particularly excited about this show because going into it I anticipated a heavy dose of their new album, Bad Frequencies. To my surprise, the anthem of Nikki FM drew the crowd in IMMEDIATELY. Not wanting any spoilers, I went into this show without looking up a set list and Hawthorne Heights played a PERFECT mix of old and new jams but one thing was evident, a lot of pride and hard work was put into their new album, Bad Frequencies, that just dropped TODAY!

Front-man, JT Woodruff, put the music business into the light thanking their fans for their loyalty over all the years stating that it is because of them a band like them gets to do what they love. Very humbled by their beginnings to where they are today, he preached that if you want to continue to hear the bands that you are into and the songs you have grown to love, you need to go out there and continue supporting the music scene. Support something new.


While this album is brand spanking new, it brings nostalgia to me right away. Sticking to but polishing their roots this is by far one of my favorite releases by Hawthorne Heights to date. It took me right back to my very own roots. Powerful anthems filled with angst. Touching on evident topics that many go through, fear of life passing you by, love, relationships and friendships that come with hardships, and why people focus on just the bad times when we take the thousands of good times in our lives for granted.

To me this album sheds light on the dark places and conveys to its listeners that you are not alone in this world. Do not take the small things for granted because all in a blink of an eye, they can be gone. This alblum is 10/10 and we all here at Cloak & Dagger highly recommend you pick this bad boy up TODAY!