Knocked Loose Brings Out Massachusetts' Wild Side

Photos & Review by Sabrina Leviton

Knocked Loose absolutely killed it in Worcester, Mass on one of their last nights of tour. They originally sold out the Palladium upstairs, but the show ended up getting moved to downstairs and they announced that there would be a limited number of extra tickets. The show ended up bringing in around 1,500 people total. In a tweet shortly after the show, the band said that they "still can't process it". 

The line-up for this night was completely stacked. Besides the headliner, it included Boundaries, Year of The Knife, End, Trail of Lies, Jesus Piece, and Terror. 

When Knocked Loose came on the stage, the crowd immediately got wild. The band gave such a crazy energy that flowed through the room instantly. Everyone in there was feeling and showing it. This is something that KL always seems to know how to do. This was my third time seeing them and although the other two times weren't in nearly as big of a venue as this one, they still managed to have an insanely rowdy crowd. This night was definitely one for the books for everyone that was in that room.