The Chill Out Tour


Review and Photos by Nick Lampers

If you told me 10 years ago that I would one day be standing 3 ft away from Bryce Avary of The Rocket Summer, I would not believe them. Yet that happened this past wednesday on the second to last tour date of Sleeping With sirens Chill Out Acoustic Summer tour.

This took me back to the first time that I had heard a song by the rocket summer. It was at the release of his single “So Much Love” back in 2007, off of his 3rd studio album “Do You Feel”.

Despite as much as I appreciate Avary’s music, I had never had the chance to see him on tour until this now. However, This show was different from other shows that I had covered in the past. As opposed to other full band sets, the “ Chill Out” tour being an acoustic tour offered a very quiet and calm atmosphere that I was admittedly not used to and/or expecting. The venue, The Emerald Theatre, had the perfect set up for an intimate musical performance, such as This one.  There was no barricade for the photo pit, rather there were just a bunch of seats arranged. The front row was no more than 8 feet from the stage that only rose about 2 feet from the ground.

Avary began his set by tapping rhythms on the body of his acoustic guitar, putting them into a loop, and then building it up from there into a song. The creativity of bryce as a genuine song writer clearly shined through to me during this process. Soon there was a guitar progression then a lead line, and then a whole song with sweeping vocals that were naturally pleasing to listen to. I found it very intriguing to see how he could build a song from the ground up.



Being a multi-instrumentalist myself, I confidently say I have respect for the passion he visibility put into his music on stage. It was captivating to watch.



The “Chill Out Tour” ended on August 9th in Chicago at Park West. In a facebook post posted on this past Thursday August 9th, Avary said “ Thanks for the memories”.