Thursday at the Exit/In

Photos and Review by Kevin Miller

Made my way to the legendary Exit/In last Monday in Nashville to see one of my home state’s finest, Thursday. Walking into the venue you you were instantly struck by the history that this venue has had. Names of all the acts that have rolled through this venue, from the Red Hot Chili Peppers to Maroon 5 it was really awesome to be in an environment that’s walls would scream stories if they could.

As Thursday’s set grew near you can hear the conversations in the crowd about what this band has meant to some of the people standing there. “10 years, 20 years. This band shaped my teenage years. They are the reason I am the musician I am today. The first band to get me into heavier music.” The nostalgia loomed large and everyone had anticipated this show for a long time. Then the moment finally came…

Thursday lived up to all the history the building has had and made a stamp on it themselves. Playing they’re hit album Full Collapse in its entirety, from the first two snare hits (bap bap : cue understanding in a car crash:) the crowd swarmed the stage. Not having a photopit again, this one was challenging BUT I am happy it was this way because I got to not just cover the show but experience it. All the sweaty bodies pushing to get closer, crowdsurfers coming on the stage to steal the mic from front-man Geoff Rickely… this was the first show I have covered in Nashville where the crowds energy has lived up to what Thursday’s home state, New Jersey, brings.