Fit The Bill at Michigan Music Festival

Photos and Review by Nick Lampers

Tucked away in a small town in the outer suburbs of Detroit in Pontiac Michigan, over this past weekend, I attended the Michigan Music Festival. I had made acquaintance with Local Michigan band Fit The Bill a week before the show and was encouraged to go. I am happy that I did. This was my first local show that I had ever gone to in Michigan. I have gone to many shows before, but all of those were with National touring acts like Bring Me The Horizon, Tonight Alive, or Silverstein. However, it was nice to walk into a venue and support my own local scene.

Fit The Bill is a local pop punk band from detroit. Their influences include Mom Jeans, Remo Drive, and Hot Mulligan. When I spoke to drummer Miles Stanis, he said that although that they do not have any tour dates on the horizon, they are in the studio working on new music. The day after the Michigan Music Festival, this past Sunday, Fit The Bill opened up for Hinder on their Lucky 7 tour in the Island Resort & Casino in Harris Michigan.  Fit The Bill does not currently have any new shows officially announced, but please go over to their social media accounts and give them a follow to support local music and artists.



Tancred at Toronto's Lee's Palace

Jess Abbott's indie band, Tancred, has been out on the North American leg of Mineral's 25th Anniversary Tour warming up the crowd for the emo veterans. With a setlist that showcases the best of Tancred's discography, including 2018 single "Something Else," you'll definitely want to show up early to check out their set.

Mineral Photos Below

Sold Out Crowd Gets DOWN with Ripe in Nashville

Review and photos by: Kevin Miller


Each time I go to a new show now it is a new experience as I am experiencing these Nashville venues for the first time. This time I took myself over to East Nashville to the Basement East to see Boston’s very on Funk Ambassadors, Ripe. The venue had a great vibe to it (for all those who have been there, it had a smaller Stone Pony feel to it.) Not knowing what to expect fully as I only listened to what spotify has shown me on shuffle I was pleasantly surprised with the whole experience as it was one of THE BEST live performances and shows I have seen in a very long time.

The Brook and The Bluff opened up the show and got the crowds energy stirring. With a soulful funk and powerful harmonies it was easy to get lured in by this band. Bobbing heads, feat tapping eventually grew into individuals dancing to the whole crowd doing a step together which was one of the best things I’ve seen. It just put a stamp on why everyone came to this show, to let go and have a great time.

Ripe took the stage soon after and all I have to say is I AM HOOKED. One of the BEST live vocalists, Robbie Wulfsohn’s runs were absolutely ridiculous. You could feel the passion and conviction behind each note he sang. What sent it over the top was the music his voice was accompanied by. The woodwind section adding a bunch of hooks that could get caught in your head’s for days (today I am still humming Downward and Brother Sky) and the rhythm section was so tight and strong. They sold out the Basement East, a 400 cap room on a night where Whiskey Myers also had a sold out gig (in a city where country music rules) so you should not be surprised when you see them on the rise because that is where they belong. 10/10!